Marylot bridles

What is Biothane®?

Biothane is a polyester webbing, finished with a polyurethane or PVC coating. There are different finishes:

– Translucent: glossy polyurethane coating. This gives a light fluorescent effect
– Opaque: glossy polyurethane coating that is opaque
– Beta: mat PVC coating. This is the softest and most flexible coating
– Granite: mat polyurethane coating of the hardest kind; often too stiff for bridles, more used for harnesses and stirrup straps

Biothane® has been made in the USA since 1977 and has been used in equestrian sports for 50 years. Advantages? No maintenance, anti-bacterial, easy to clean, water and weather do not affect the flexibility of the material.

What is an overlay?
An overlay is an extra, small ‘layer’ of Biothane, usually in a contrasting color that is sewn onto the noseband and/or browband. Here you can see a padded noseband with an overlay on top.

What does neoprene nose (on some models) mean?
This means that neoprene or PVC foam (old name open cell foam) is sewn underneath the noseband. Here you can see a padded noseband with PVC foam.

I want a model that is not on your website, is that possible?
Yes, we can make almost any model. You can email us pictures or drawings of the model you like so we can discuss the possibilities.

What is the difference between stainless steel and brass?
Stainless steel has a silver color and brass has a gold color. Stainless steel is stronger than brass, brass is more likely to break in an emergency. Both stainless steel and brass do not rust, but brass becomes dull over time.

My horse has a different size; can I still order a Marylot® (halter) bridle via the website?
Yes, that is possible. If you choose the basic size, you can indicate which different sizes you want at the ‘special wishes’ field. For example, nose size, browband length (measured between the loops of the browband), distance from bit ring to bit ring…

Is there a warranty on the customized Marylot® products?
Yes, they’ve got a 1 year warranty. If something breaks, it will be repaired free of charge (you only pay for shipping to our workshop). A 3-month warranty is applied to stirrup straps.

After the warranty period, we carry out small repairs for material and shipping costs; normally we do not charge wages (with exceptions).

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