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Jin Stirrup hackamores zijn gemaakt van hoogwaardig aluminium, licht en resistent. Ze zijn verkrijgbaar in een breed scala aan kleuren die zijn verkregen via een procedure van anodische oxidatie om een lange levensduur te garanderen.
De fabrikant:
“Every JS product is Made in Italy, with the desire to study and apply the most up-to-date technical solutions in order to achieve enjoyable design and maximum functionality. Made in Italy is not just an indication of origin. Made in Italy represents the perfect synthesis of the values that form part of a population that has always been exposed and naturally predisposed to its country’s beauty. Hence the creativity, the passion, the love for life. Made in Italy means making industry by maintaining ongoing investments in research, development and creativity, in compliance with the laws and regulations that safeguard the environment and protect the health of citizens and workers. A Made in Italy product is the result of the selection of original designs and high quality raw materials that form part of efficient and technologically advanced production processes. High resistant steel and aluminium, top quality technical fabrics, accessories in carefully selected materials allow us to obtain the very best in sturdy, lightweight and long-lasting products.”

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Jin Stirrup Lange Hackamore scharen
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