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Home     Nuumed Hi Wither Endurance Pad
Nuumed Hi Wither Endurance Pad

Nuumed Hi Wither Endurance Pad

euro 129.00
Nuumed Hi Wither Endurance Pad
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Beautiful deck from Great Britain. The material is not lambskin but woven wool. This means that it becomes less moisturised than lambskin, so it does not become so heavy, it breathes better and dries faster.

NuuMed British wool has all the wool you need with no skin attached.

It is specially woven for NuuMed and has all the benefits of a sheep-skin and none of the disadvantages. The British wool we use is shorn from the sheep and knitted onto a cotton yarn backing. This backing takes the place of a skin and is easier to look after, doesn't get heavy when wet, doesn't disintegrate and has not been through lots of chemical processes to make it usable.

Length: 69 cm
Height: 50 cm


HiWither design
Supportive quilt contruction
Fully lined with rolled edges
Proven performance in all climates
Extremely hard wearing
Machine washable
Note: Red & Blue wool is a high performance poly/british wool blend