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R.C. Champion 'Bahram'

R.C. Champion 'Bahram'


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R.C. Champion 'Bahram'


Zeer comfortabele endurancebroek.
Perfecte pasvorm.
Geen binnennaad.
Supersnel droog.
Zeer geschikt voor de gevoelige huid.
Full seat voor extra grip.

"Thanks to the high quality fabrics used in their manufacturing, the presented BAHRAM unisex breeches ensure the rider’s comfort during training sessions and tournaments. The breeches are made of especially crafted fabric with high elastane content which provides the freedom of movement during riding. Special Moisture Transport System used in their manufacture moves sweat away from the skin and lets the product dry faster. Anti-odour technology prevents odour-causing bacteria from growing. Very comfortable waist finishing with RC CHAMPION logged rubber gives the feeling of comfort. Breeches also have a pocket for a smartphone.

The described product has a universal cut that is appropriate for both women and men.
All of presented breeches are made of materials based on:
ITOFINISH COLLAGEN - a measure of the apothecary, created on the basis of marine collagen. The product has special properties, responsible for in-depth hydration and proper operation of the whole organism. In its composition notes the presence of vitamin B, ingredients Gotu kola, Ginkgo and iodine and other valuable components.
ITOFINISH KELP - a product made based on sea algae, which is completely natural. ITOFINISH KELP contains an extract from brown algae true that, thanks to the high concentration of kodyny effectively, hydrates the body and speeds up the metabolism. The material also included Gotu kola, responsible for the retention of collagen in skin cells and Ginko that helps with regular blood flow and oxygen throughout the body. The product effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria. The material is also rich in vitamin B.
Products characterized of the durability and have been tested at about 20 washes.
300 g polyester